Did You Know?

This quaint garden-city designed community was planned and planned well.

Smart and efficient home and street designs allow for beautiful connections of homes, lawns and foliage.

A premium was placed on flowing curvilinear winding streets and beautifully manicured gardens.

To make a house a home in Badin is as natural as waving at a smiling neighbor. Cottages and classic French-architecture town homes combine to offer wonderfully stylish variety.

Our Community

Follow a North Carolina Scenic Byway as it curls under Morrow Mountain, winds through the lush fields of Valley Drive and drops gently into Badin. On the National Register of Historic Places, this village in northeastern Stanly County offers the visitor a pleasant pause in a quaint setting.

Drop in at the Town Hall for a map of the area or a booklet on the history of the town. Grab your camera and take a walk around the village, down narrow lanes, past old French Colonial houses with their little entry bridges over rock-lined storm drains. Wander up through the pines to the golf course for lunch at the pub. Stroll back to the southern end of Badin Lake to the boat landing and the beaches.

Have a swim before you spread your picnic on a grassy slope beside the water, or settle at one of the many tables scattered beneath the trees. Drop a line in the lake and wait for that big fish to bite. You won't be the only one. Herons and seagulls and an occasional bald eagle fish here. Launch your boat and sail across the wide expanses of the lake. Land on a deserted island. Take a look at Uwharrie Point with its plush lakefront homes and championship golf course. Sail back to Badin for a long cold drink and a chat with the locals before you head back to explore along the growing network of North Carolina Scenic Byways.

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