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In the town's central business district visitors can hunt for elusive antiquities, explore interior decor or look for that special keepsake to take a little piece of Badin home. Once in the historic downtown area, visitors will see revitalization efforts at work. Newly restored building facades stand stalwart along a crepe myrtle lined cobblestone style pedestrian corridor. Visit one of Badin's local churches for an enriching service. Faith is a neighbor in the entire Badin community.

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Badin Museum


Better Badin Inc.
P.O. Box 516
Badin, NC 28009
Phone: 704-422-6778


Dave Stanford – President
Email davestanford@betterbadin.org

Linda Kraeft - Vice President
Email lindakraeft@betterbadin.org

Ryan Hatley - Treasurer
Email ryanhatley@betterbadin.org