Did You Know?

Historic Badin Hardaway Site.

Evidence of the role the Badin area played in shaping indigenous and nomadic societies 10,000-12,000 years ago followed the discovery and management of the Hardaway Site, among the most significant of contemporary archeological finds on the eastern coast of North America.

Among other spear-point styles found in the area, the Hardaway Point has become a renowned discovery that, when paired with the timeline of the Clovis point dictates a remarkable soliloquy of ancient culture in the Carolinas and beyond.

Coming Events for 2019-2020

More “Coming Events” Information Coming Soon!

Badin Concert Series:  With the success of the new Badin Concert Series inaugural program in November, 2018 by the Charlotte Festive Brass, plans are underway for other concerts throughout 2019.

Hold the date: Saturday, March 23, 2019 - Performers and time to be announced by Feb. 1.

Celtic Festival: The 2019 Celtic Festival is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Better Badin regrets any inconvenience to scheduled performers and vendors. However, efforts are being made to reinstate the popular event for Spring, 2020.