Did You Know?

Badin was established in 1913 by French industrialist Adrian Badin, as a company town for the aluminum production plant he operated nearby. This plant is now owned by the Aluminum Corporation of America. The town of Badin is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is noted for its unique French-inspired townhouses (called quadreplexes), which are among the earliest examples of townhouse architecture in North Carolina. By 1917, Badin was a permanent settlement with a hospital, a 20-room school, a large theatre, and several brick commercial buildings. It was somewhat unusual in the state in that it offered housing and cultural facilities for black workers.

About Us

Better Badin, Inc.

Better Badin, Inc. was organized in 1978 to service the Badin Fire District, since at the time the Town of Badin was not incorporated. This small Non-profit organization engages in activities for the improvement of life in and around the community and Town of Badin. Better Badin is an all-volunteer community organization that spearheads many town activities. All of the money that is raised by Better Badin goes back into the community.

Better Badin meets on the Second Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Badin Town Hall.
Major projects have included; building the gazebo beside the Vann Memorial Library, erecting signs at the three entrances to Badin, maintaining the library grounds, providing financial support to the library, planting and maintaining 40 flower containers on Main Street and the beautification of the median in the West Badin Community.

Other projects were the relocation and refurbishment of the former kindergarten building to the town park as the Badin Historic Museum, provided the funding needed for construction drainage during the creation of a 1/4 mile Community Track located on the lower Badin school yard between Henderson Street and Boyden Street. Better Badin Sponsors the Annual Historic Bass Fishing Tournament as well as Christmas in Badin: 1915 - the annual Christmas tree lighting event with Santa giving goody bags to the local area children. They have also set up two Scholarship Funds, the John T. Garrison, Sr. Fund and the Elvin Fisher Scholarship Fund that awards a $250 college scholarship each year to two deserving Badin youths.

Some of the newer events that Better Badin is working on for the community is the Poor Man's Supper and the Annual Historic Better Badin Golf Tournament. The Better Badin group are also working on additional monthly events for the community. Better Badin was instrumental in the incorporation of Badin.