Bike Badin

Badin, NC, boasts a 12.21-mile marked bicycle ride. The ride has a total ascent of 324.8 ft. and has a maximum elevation of 784.12 ft. An abundant variety of trail terrain can be found here. Trails here range from moderate elevation changing single-track to aggressive and strenuous hill climbs. Bicycle riding is fun, healthy, and a great way to be independent.

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Boat Badin

Badin Lake is a great place to relax on the water. There are numerous opportunities for outdoor sports and recreational activities such as boating, water skiing, jet skiing, fishing, swimming, camping, hiking, picnicking, bird watching and much more. You can also take time to just kick back and take it easy. Much of Badin Lake is surrounded by campgrounds, picnic areas and trails. Whether you are searching for lake recreation or for tranquility and a little bit of peace, then Badin Lake is the place for you.

Hike Badin

Badin’s curvilinear streets are perfect for walks and hikes. Hiding in the town limits of our great town just off Falls Road there is a parallel universe - a place where transit arteries are not clogged, a half-mile trek through the woods that’s more stroll than a hike. Spring hiking affords views of wildflowers along the way. Temperatures can drop into the mid-30s in the winter so prepare with warm clothing. In summer, when temperatures average around 90 degrees in July, carry plenty of water to stay hydrated.